Sorry for the ugly page. No $ for designers. Call it "organic."

Anyhow, we now have a REALLY cool new Open House system in the spreadsheet mode. We have at least 50% more Open Houses than

How is that possible? Well only 50% of agents properly list an open house in the open house section of the MLS (where the data is entered). Many agents just throw it into the Remarks field. So the big boy sites can't see those.

But here at, we made a smarter engine. Just like we scrub for Short Sales, we not scrub for Open House, Open Sun, and Open Sat. This finding many more open houses. The only drawback is if an agent put in an Open House for 3 weeks ago and never updated their listing. Lazy right? (actually maybe YOU all could do a 1 click correction, wiki style! What do you think?)

  1. ~ means "maybe" there is an Open House . Mouseover the MLS # to see if the remarks have an open house.

  2. v/   means "yes" there is an Open House officially scheduled in the FUTURE (probably this coming weekend).

Tell me what you think!!

Also we will be displaying the Open House history, so you can see how frequently a house has had OPEN HOUSES. Is this helpful?