Sellers can pay $0 in Listing Fees

Attention Sellers. Are you NOT listed. Are you NOT signed up with a listing agent? Watch the video below to see how you can sell and pay $0 in listing commissions.

Sellers, the highlights... We have 8,000 registered users and hundreds of committed buyer clients. We also know what exact areas and price ranges they are looking for. If you are seller and you are NOT yet represented and you are NOT on the MLS, why not just email Frank directly to see if we have a buyer looking in your exact subdivision. If we do, then we would represent the BUYER (not the seller, and not both) and we can do it in a manner so you will pay NO Listing commission. Sure you will still pay use a buyer agent commission, but you can save $15,000 on a $500,000 home (if the listing agent was charging 3%, plus 3% for the buyer agent).

Buyers: If you are not represented, email us your exact areas that you are looking and we can tell you if any sellers contact us. We would represent the buyer in this instance.

Just email Frank directly at the email in the video or this temp email



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P.S. Don't be fooled by this post cards from listing agents that say "we have buyers, we need your listings." This is different. Those agents may or may not have buyers, but they want BOTH sides of the transaction. They want to represent BOTH parties and be paid twice. We aren't (as) greedy. We never represent both sides and in this case would represent the buyer, if we have one. And the seller doesn't pay twice.