Expert Search Syntax
(for hard core users)

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Search Syntax Summary

Actives Only Add the word Active like: 22044 Active     (the default is Actives and Under Contracts)
Solds Only On the front page, scroll under the "Active & Contract" default to pick which year. Registered users are allowed to see more data. (blog post)
Multiple areas/words. Also known as an "OR" search.
Use ( ) like: Try: (22101,22201,22314) active or try: (granite,pool,garden) "great falls" active  
which means: Show all Actives with Granite OR pool OR garden in great falls
Home Type Enter it as a keyword Detached, Condo, or Townhouse. Try: Mclean Detached or try: Arlington Condos Active
# of Bedrooms Try: Falls Church Condos 2bdr or try: 22201 (1br,2br) or try: Alexandria -1br   (to remove 1 bedrooms)
# of Total Bathrooms Try: 22201 2ba     Note that 1.5 baths count as 2 total baths. (Blog details)
Year Built Use this format: Arlington [Built2000-2009]
Lot Size (Acres) Use: Arlington [Lot .5-3]     (Blog with details)
LAND only Just add the word LAND: Baltimore LAND     (Blog post)
Subdivision Use sub=cherrydale
Schools Try ES=Franklin Sherman or MS=Something or HS=Oakton (note this only works if the agent entered the data)
Phrases Use Quotes like: "bring all offers" or try: "Price william"
REMOVE areas/words. Also known as a negative search. Try: Arlington -condo
Investor Search List price divided by Tax assesssment. LP=LOW or LP=LOWER or LP=LOWEST like: LP=LOW Arlington condo (more details below)
Only Foreclosures: Add the word Foreclosure like: Manassas Foreclosure Also look for the symbol. (see Blog Post)
Only Short sales: Use it as a keyword. Like: Oakton Short sale
Partial search: Use * symbol. Like: water* for waterfront, or try: fx7*
Agent Search Use their full name and check off the solds like: Thomas Royce
This will give you the agent's listings and purchases (see column on far right). For just one or the other email me for details or watch the blog.

More details of the summary above

Bargain searching. Show ONLY the lowest priced home (vs tax assessment, referred to as LP/Tax on the spreadsheet mode) and then get email alerts on them!
  • Add: LP=LOW to show homes where the list price is 90% (or less) of tax assessment. IE: LP=LOW Arlington condo
  • Add: LP=LOWER to show homes where the list price is 75% (or less) of tax assessment. IE: LP=LOWER Arlington condo
  • Add: LP=LOWEST to show homes where the list price is 50% (or less) of tax assessment. IE: LP=LOWEST Arlington condo
  • So an advanced user might try: Manassas Active -short LP=LOWEST
  • Sort by largest price drop Also don't miss the ability to sort by largest price drop since last sale.
  • Lot Search Syntax

  • Home type?
  • Try: Townhouse(which is the same as Townhome, no need to do both) or try: Detached or Condo. As those are the officials "type" as defined by the Realtor entering it into the MLS. (don't use "townhome" or "single family"). IE. Arlington Condos is ok

    Multiple words using (word,word,word)

  • Try: (22101,22201,22314) bank
  • (let me know if you have problems, this is new)
  • Also test out the negative: 22201 -pool (for results with no pool)
  • This is good for putting in 3 or 4 MLS# (mls#, mls#, mls#), but don't go nuts putting in like 10-15 zips. Instead use the town names. (Fairfax,alexandria,arlington)

    Phrases, use "quotes"

  • Searching for Prince William County and getting stuff in Prince Georges County? Try Phrases! Like "Prince Williams" or try pw*


  • Wanna remove condos? Try: Arlington -condo


  • Avoid the words REO, or Bank Owned. Instead put in "foreclosure" like: Arlington Foreclosure
  • It will remove all homes that say "not a foreclosure"
  • Look for an symbol after the price to immediately know it is a bank deal.


  • Want no 1 bedrooms? Try: Arlington condos -1bdr
  • Only want 2 bedrooms? Try Arlington condos 2bdr
  • Want only 2 and 3 bedrooms? Try Arlington condos (3bdr,2bdr)


  • sub=clarendon This will show you results where clarendon is in the subdivision, so it will remove things like "close to clarendon" in the remarks. Also effective when a school might have the same name of a subdivision.


  • ES=Franklin Sherman This will show you results where Franklin Sherman is part of the elementary school name. Also works with MS and HS. let me know if you have problems with this, it only works if the agent put in the school names)

    Making up syntax?

  • Sorry that won't work. If it isn't here or on the new features page, you can not make stuff up like "> lot 500" as it won't work if I didn't program it.

    Actives Vs Under Contracts

  • NEW: Add the word Active to ONLY show actives. Ie: Arlington condo active
  • We show all active homes (duh)
  • We show 2 of the 3 "Under Contract" statuses. We are only allowed to show Under Contract with Kick Out and Under Contract without Kickout. Email me for details. We do not show the straight "Under Contract" as required by MLS rules.
  • We can not show Temp Off, Expired, Withdrawns and Sold.
  • Tip: Want to see a listing that is gone? Google the MLS#. Some not-as-updated site might still show it (they shouldn't though). Still nothing? Click on the Google CACHE version!
  • Homes under contract have a strike through them and they are silver. (it should, if not tell me)

    What Data is being searched?

  • Pretty much everything on the listing page is being searched. So anything in the remarks like: granite / garage / waterfront / Bank Owned / motivated seller / bring all offers (don't put a "/"). So couple that with a zipcode or city, ie: Loudoun Motivated which will give you more results than Loudoun Motivated Sellers since not ever agent uses "sellers" .
  • Also school (note: only 60% of agents enter this).
  • As well as: city, street name, house number, zipcode, subdivision (if an agent leaves this off, or enters it incorrectly it will NOT show up)
  • Try: Arlington Open Sun or Arlington Open House (I recommend: Open Sun , vs Open Sunday since some agents abbreviate). In spreadsheet mode, look for the checkmark for officially entered Open Houses, and the ~ symbol "might" have an open house, as per the remarks.
  • Also you can search for an agent's full name, their phone number, you can see ALL their listings, their company name.


  • Avoid "No Max", "no Min" for your price. It is 80% faster if you pick a price range.
  • We will show you 3% over what you ask for. So many $508k places get missed.

    Partial words

  • New Use * key. So for all related to water use: water*
  • With all words ending in "s", the "s" is removed. Like "condos" becomes "condo" (ie more results)


  • Many have missed that you can sort by most columns. (upper right of results) (See blog on this topic)

    Need more data your way?

  • Download to Excel.

    Cell Phone tips

  • Going to on a cellphone should route you to
  • If you are in a neighborhood and you want to see how much a home is, I recommend using just the house number and the city. IE: 555 Oak.
  • Or the subdivision name and city to see all homes nearby.
  • if you have an iphone. GO to the /cell page, hit the + symbol to "add to Home Screen" and it will make an icon just like an APP.

    Email Alerts

  • All done without passwords! And after sign up, if you want to retrieve your saved homes, try saving just 1 home or search phrase, enter your email, and it will ask you to load up your saved homes.
  • Emails have to be confirmed. If you don't get an email, check your spam folders or email me.
    We have two types
  • Saved Search term Email Alerts Click the link to the right of the search phrase, in the results section. This allows you to search for Arlington Cherrydale and then sign up to receive emails for all NEWLY listed homes for that phrase AND all PRICE DROPS for the homes. It will not show "other changes" like remarks, added photo, agent name change.

  • Favorite Email Alerts Click on the HEART symbol to the left of the MLS #. This will become your favorites that you watch. Again enter your email address. This time you will get alerts for ALL changes. Included Under contract status, to the tiniest Remarks change like "Open this sunday." Sometimes this can be annoying though, so let me know if I need to tweak this.

    For Agents and Bloggers. Not only can you sort to find the largest price drops, now you can link to it. Add &sort=sold to the end of your URL like this Virginia Active

    Let me know what you think, and what I might be missing (via feedback).