Frankly rethinks Real Estate
We're a full service brokerage firm with Realtors having years, not months, of experience.....
Our end goal? Simply deliver the highest net price when selling and lowest net price when buying.
More than 1,000 customers have bought or sold their home with Frankly Realtors.

"Frankly got me more money then I ever would have imagined" from Cody who was considering going with Redfin to "save money".
Cody bought low and sold high with Frankly Realtors
"We bypassed a bidding war with a creative offer, saving me 10s of thousands and more importantly, getting my dream home."
Cristina won a dream home with Frankly Realtors
Meet broker/owner Frank LLosa and learn more about, the home search site.
Unmatched home search site.
Meet our Agents and Brokers
Local VA, DC, MD Real Estate brokers and agents with years, not months of experience.

  • Cathy

    Cathy Poungmalai

    Frankly licensed agent in Virginia and DC

  • Jeff

    Jeff Royce

    Frankly Supervising Broker in Virginia

  • Tiffany Royce

    Frankly licensed agent in Virginia, works alongside Jeff Royce

  • Frank

    Frank LLosa

    Frankly Principal Broker in Virginia, DC and Maryland

  • Bola

    Bola Williams

    Frankly licensed agent in Washington DC and Maryland

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